Urban Planning

Amro Consultancy’s urban planning and landscape design practice is a logical extension of our architecture, civil and site design practice areas. Because we believe in comprehensive and sustainable design of the built and natural environments, urban planning and landscape design enables us to address our client’s needs at city and regional scale. Discrete buildings, sites and transit corridors are often interconnected and interdependent. Therefore, we strive to build communities, not just projects.
Community is important to us. Our urban design and public spaces practice is built to meet the needs of those who oversee our clients cherished local resources. Our landscape architects, architects, and urban designers help local government leaders create thriving neighborhoods and flourishing downtowns.

We strive to provide one-of-a-kind solutions that showcase community identity, while solving the pressing challenges of our day:

  • Providing for active and passive recreation
  • Linking transportation networks
  • Fostering economic growth
  • Promoting environmental stewardship
  • Enhancing public safety and security
  • Preserving valuable cultural resources
  • Maintaining cost-effective operations and maintenance