About us

Amro Consultancy was established in 2015, in Muscat-Oman as a national- international company that concentrates on contemporary-creative design, urban planning, engineering and project management, from building complexes to a single building. Amro Consultancy aims to establish a balance between traditional wisdom and contemporary vision.

Amro Consultancy develops innovative, efficient and economically viable design alternatives for residential buildings, offices, industrial facilities, shopping malls, hotels, cultural buildings, oil&gas and transportation projects considering the uniqueness of the “place” and the individuality of “requirements”.

Amro Consultancy is committed to achieving the optimum results through precise analysis and decision-making in collaboration with client throughout the project. The objective of the company is to find the best solution for the clients. In order to improve continuity and quality, Amro considers the importance of knowledge, professional education and research.