We balance every project’s unique circumstances and expected use to create an appealing facility design.
Amro Consultancy architects work closely with owners, engineers and construction professionals to create comprehensive design solutions. The deep collaboration not only serves the project’s functional requirements, but also maximizes the project’s aesthetics and enhances the end-user’s experience.
Amro Consultancy’s architectural practice is integrated into the broad menu of services offered by our international architecture, engineering, planning, and environmental disciplines. While we are sensitive to the realities of building technology, schedule, and budget requirements, we recognize the positive impact that good design has on our clients and our communities. As architects, planners, and designers, we strive to be effective stewards of our environment.
A building is more than a structure with walls, a floor, and a ceiling. It is a combination of color, light, texture, and shape that creates a sense of place. Our seasoned team of architects and interior designers collaborate with you to develop design solutions that respond to your objectives, cost, and schedule, resulting in buildings that provide flexible, functional spaces.